EVENT FEBRUARY 25th & 26th

A call is made to attract and emerge talent. From this, a select group of projects comes out, already visually developed, which receives advice on how to be produced, applying R + D + i, extensive knowledge of the market and the latest technology. These projects are implemented making them more viable and competitive thanks to the cost and time savings applied in the workshop. The final result of the workshop is an animated piece as a teaser for each project.

Taught by professionals and experts in the sector, the workshop takes place online and on-site in Madrid and consists of five different parts:

⇨ Learning tools (online). Two weeks of workshop and group tutorials for the 20 projects.

⇨ Project prototyping + Masterclass (online). Three weeks of work on the project with personalized tutorials for each project + masterclasses by invited experts.

⇨ Finishing and post-production of the project (online). One week of finishing and post-production of the event.

⇨ Sharing and feedback (on-site)*. Four days of sharing, how to pitch masterclass, meetings and feedback.

⇨ Public pitch of the project during the Next Lab event (on-site)*. Public pitch of the project, with the presence of the jury.

*Ten of the twenty projects will pass to the on-site phase.


40 Days Without the Sun by João Furia (Brazil). Short film project. Workshop participant: João Furia.

Adálion: Tierra de Maokis by Marcos Sánchez Lastra (Spain). Series project. Workshop participant: Hugo de Juan.

Amplitune by David Mingorance Puga (Spain). Music video project. Workshop participant: David Mingorance Puga & Lorena González.

Animal Drone League by Christian Garnez (Spain). Series project. Workshop participant: Christian Garnez.
*Premio DeAPlaneta Entertainment

Buscando a Ana by Inés Vecilla Fernández (Spain). Short film project. Workshop participant: Inés Vecilla Fernández.

Cherry Tree House by Paula J. Bueno & Sonia Sánchez (Spain). Series project. Workshop participant: Paula J. Bueno & Sonia Sánchez.

Cretácico 96 by Rafael Carmona González (Spain). Series project. Workshop participant: Rafael Carmona González.

Draw by Lorenzo Degl ́Innocenti & Xosé Zapata (Spain, Portugal). Feature film project. Workshop participant: Nacho Laya Gómez & Lorenzo Degl ́Innocenti.

Hades, The Underworld by José Antonio Cerro (Spain). Series project. Workshop participant: Jose Antonio Cerro.

Lumen by Enric Sant (Spain). Short film project. Workshop participant: Enric Sant.

Marla & The Guardians of Time by Belinda Bonan (Spain). Series project. Workshop participant: Belinda Bonan.

Onion & Pea by David Tomaselli & Jose M. Villena (Spain). Series project. Workshop participant: Jose M.Villena.

Osikran by Esther Ji (Spain). Feature film project. Workshop participant: Esther Ji.

Oviblion by Claudia Ruiz (Argentina). Feature film project. Workshop participant: Ana Inés Flores.

Plock by Javier Bernardino Alonso (Spain). Series project. Workshop participant: Javier Bernardino Alonso.

The Elephant I Found Under My Skin by Shaool Levy & Daniel Sweed (Israel). Short film project. Workshop participant: Shaool Levy & Daniel Sweed.

The Iron Dragon by Valentin Urziceanu (Romania). Short film project. Workshop participant: Adrian Baluta & Mirona Radu.

Viaje al Bosque Olvidado by Noelia Mª Muíño González (Spain). Feature film project. Workshop participant: Noelia Mª Muíño González.

Wan by Víctor Monigote (Spain). Short film project. Workshop participant: Víctor Monigote.


In the call for animation and vfx projects for the first edition of the NEXT LAB Generation workshop a total of 45 works were registered.

"40 DAYS WITHOUT THE SUN" by João Furia (Brazil)


Tagline: Through the eyes of Laura, the 6-year-old daughter of Claire and Lucas, we will follow a family’s journey of grief when Claire suffers a miscarriage. It will be 40 days of darkness inside their house until Claire embraces both life and death so they can move on.

Bio João Furia: He studied at the Brazilian Naval School but left the military to become a visual artist. In 2003 he began his career as an illustrator working for magazines, books and advertising. In 2015, with the birth of his daughter, he decided to change his career path. He works together with companies with storytelling and visual thinking for human development and strategic planning. In 2018 he focuses his services on storyboards and concept art for film, animation and games. In 2021, he became a concept artist for virtual reality video games at ARVORE, an Emmy award-winning studio.

"ADÁLION: TIERRA DE MAOKIS" by Marcos Sánchez Lastra (Spain). (WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT: Hugo de Juan)


Tagline: A twelve-year-old boy appears in a mysterious world inhabited by powerful creatures called Maokis. They will help him escape from a dangerous monster that is trying to hunt him. To be safe, he must find the only city in this world where humans congregate: Atlan. There he will find a new home.

Bio Hugo de Juan: Head of the drawing department at the ESDIP school, he has several publications in manga drawing, specifically in the magazine Shonen GOLD with the work Mechanical, and he works as illustrator of the book "Adálion: Tierra de maokis", winner of the International Latino Book Awards. He is about to publish his book "El valor del Trono", with the label "Héroes de papel", a graphic and philosophical review of the work "Akira". Head of the drawing department in character and concept design for the Oscar-nominated "Klaus" and the Goya-winning "Blue and Malone".

"AMPLITUNE " by David Mingorance Puga (Spain)


Tagline: Augmented Reality music platform. It's a new way of experiencing music and expanding the artist's universe, taking music videos to the next level. The user will be able to interact with the 3D elements that they will see around them, while listening to the music.

Bio David Mingorance: Designer, artist and creative. He defines himself as an "early adopter" and experimenter, being an identifying factor in his work, the combination of art + technology. Throughout his career, he has worked in different aspects linked to creativity and art direction, including design and editorial direction, audiovisual creation, extended reality, product design and art direction.

"ANIMAL DRONE LEAGUE" by Christian Garnez (Spain)

*Premio DeAPlaneta Entertainment


Tagline: Kiara's life is shaken when she discovers that her pet "Gano" has a degenerative disease. Roma, Kiara's gifted friend, is an Animal Drone League "geek" and proposes to her to participate in order to win the prize money and buy a bionic body for Gano. But first they will have to form a team, train and win the local tournaments.

Bio Christian Garnez: From a very young age he spends his afternoons drawing comics and writing stories in his spare time. After specializing in Audiovisual Production, he spent 10 years working in different audiovisual production companies, television and advertising agencies while writing and directing several live action short films. In 2014 he specialized as a Previs & Layout Artist, working on a dozen animated productions such as "Wonder Park", "Pocoyo" and "Moomios". In 2021 he made the leap to animation direction, co-directing the second season of the series "Momonsters" for ClanTV, combining it with the creation of different series projects, animated and live action feature films, stories and comics.

"BUSCANDO A ANA" by Inés Vecilla Fernández (Spain)


Tagline: The emotional development of a girl through play and imagination during three different stages of her life. In each of them, and through a character that symbolizes it, she shows the essential part of her personality as well as her behaviour.

Bio Inés Vecilla: 4th year student of the Animation Degree at the European University of Madrid. Previously, she studied a Higher Degree in Illustration and Graphic Arts, obtaining an Erasmus scholarship to study at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Macerata. He is currently doing animation internships in two different companies: at OTRI, where he animates a 3D digital character and at Polo digital, in the creation of a VR video game focused on learning disabilities.

"CHERRY TREE HOUSE" by Paula J. Bueno and Sonia Sánchez. MEIGA STUDIO (Spain)


Tagline: After an altercation three brothers are transported, without knowing how, to the Victorian era in a place that will be familiar to them, but at the same time is very different. Their only motivation is to find a way home. Their journey will be surrounded by magic and charismatic characters.

Bio Paula J. Bueno: Graduated in Fine Arts at the faculty of Cuenca, after dedicating some years to illustration she decided to specialize in concept art, studying a master's degree at Lightbox Academy. During this time she participated in the making of the Goya winning short film "Madrid 2120" doing character and props design work. He is currently finishing his storyboard studies at ESDIP school and working with Sonia Sánchez at Meiga Studio.

"CRETÁCICO 96" by Rafael Carmona González (Spain)


Tagline: The summer of '96 has not started very well for Dani Saurez. He hasn't got good marks, the city is starting to empty and he has to go to the summer academy. But, well, it's not the end of the world, is it? What adventures await Dani and his friends during the summer in the city?

Bio Rafael Carmona: He began his career 17 years ago collaborating in the development of 3D animation series for TV such as "Pocoyo '' or "Jelly Jamm". Later, as a general 3D freelance, he has worked on projects for advertising, motion graphics, music videos, comics, video games, museography and layout for VFX productions and animation with companies and agencies such as Zinkia, User T38, Serial Cut and Twin Pines, among others. He currently combines his freelance career with teaching, collaborating with Domestika as an online teacher and with other schools as a trainer.

"DRAW" by Lorenzo Degl ́Innocenti and Xosé Zapata. SYGNATIA (Spain, Portugal). (workshop participant: Nacho Laya)


Tagline: What relationship does a Spanish chess player have with the most famous world champion in the history of chess, the dictatorship of General Franco and the silent strike of the Asturian miners with racial repression in the United States and Malcolm X, the Cuban missile crisis and a chess game played in Stockholm in 1962?

Bio Nacho Laya: Lead animator en Parrocha Studios Animation, animador principal para la próxima serie "Alice's Diary". Anteriormente fue animador 2D Cut-Out en Birdland Animation para proyectos como "Didou construis-moi" y animador 2D Cut-Out en Mighty Studio para la quinta temporada de "Rick and Morty".



Tagline: Year 1950. Benilde is captured by Ángel, who claims to be her father, and takes her to live in the countryside with his wife and daughter. The family worries about the young girl's "forgotten state", but one day, an episode of abuse comes to light and Benilde finds a way to escape.

Bio Ana Inés Flores: Born in the north of Argentina, Ana Inés Flores is a director, animator and illustrator. Graduated in Plastic Arts at the National University of Tucumán, she extended her training towards cinema at other Universities (IUAV in Italy, UNICAMP in Brazil and GNOMON in the United States) and specialised in the Master of Animation at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. After working in Brazil for three years, she returned to Tucumán and founded the animation studio Yunga, specialising in motion graphics, where she was animation director. She has worked for clients such as Cartoon Network, Adidas and TicTac. She is currently an animator at the video game studio Digital Sun and combines it with her personal work as a multidisciplinary author.



Tagline: In a large European metropolis, in a dystopian society, in the near future. The MOLES live off what they find in the city's sewers as scrap metal dealers. TOMI, a shy and lonely teenage mole, embarks with FERMÍN, his authoritarian and overprotective father, on an underground quest to find a legendary loot from a bank robbery.

Bio José Antonio Cerro: Senior animator and storyboard artist with nearly 30 years of experience in both long format and series. Among all the titles he has worked on are the feature films "The Three Wise Men", "Gisaku", "The Illusionist", and the series "Emmy and Gooroo" for Tomavision, "Mint" for Cartoon Saloon, "Cleo and Cuquín" for Anima Kitchent, and "Nella the Princess Knight" for Brown Bag Films, among others. In addition, from 2008 to 2014 he was the coordinator of the animation speciality at ECAM, Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid.

"LUMEN" by Enric Sant. BLISS (Spain)


Tagline: Lumen, a small luminous creature, wakes up in an arid and hostile land, lost and unprotected, soon discovers several signs in nature that show him the way and help him to survive. One day, after seeing another group of creatures like him in the distance, he decides to leave his familiar territory to investigate further afield.

Bio Enric Sant: A graduate in Fine Arts, Enric's artistic beginnings were in the world of urban art and graffiti, along with the group Mixed Media, who experimented with different techniques, going beyond popular conventions. Later he started to work in video game design and art direction and founded his own studio in 2013, Omnidrone. Thanks to his more than 10 years of experience in the digital industry, he currently focuses on art direction and production design in animation. He collaborates with several animation studios and audiovisual production companies, such as Bliss and Dvein, among others, to carry out both advertising and film projects.



Tagline: Marla Jones, a fearless 10-year-old girl, is chosen by the Guardians of Time to restore the space-time paradox, which the evil tycoon Fox has damaged in his quest for the Elixir of Youth.

Bio Belinda Bonan: Screenwriter, director and producer, specialising in animated film. She holds a degree in Economics and Audiovisual Communication and a diploma in Advanced Character Animation Studies from Animation Mentor School. Since 2011, she has worked as a 3D animator in several TV series, such as "Desafío Champions Sendokai", and has also taught 3D animation in two schools in Barcelona. In 2015, she joined Most Wanted Studio, where she directed and produced her first works: "Back in Fashion", "Me, a Monster?" and "Codi Ictus".

"ONION & PEA" by David Tomaselli and José M. Villena. 3 DOUBLES PRODUCCIONES (Spain)


Tagline: Leo is a ten-year-old boy who leads an almost normal life in the village of Villanueva de Gilabert. He goes to school, he is in love with Sara, the most dedicated girl in class, and besides having his gang of friends, he lives with an onion and a pea disguised as superheroes! Well, we already said that his life was "almost" normal.

Bio José M. Villena: With a degree in Economics, he has worked for more than ten years in the marketing and advertising department as an art director in different companies. He is currently a freelance designer and illustrator, and is co-author and co-creator, together with David Tomaselli, of Onion & Pea. Since his childhood he has always wanted to be a comic book artist to be able to capture on paper all those crazy images and stories that come to his mind. Besides drawing and painting, he is passionate about cinema, music and martial arts. He is a member of the National Cartoonists Society.

"OSIKRAN" by Esther Ji (Spain)


Tagline: Osikran, a rich boy, ventures across the mysterious lake that separates the elite from the village but is swept away by the forces of the water and ends up meeting Ekko, a girl with unfavourable conditions. He discovers that if he does not return soon the village will suffer a terrible confrontation with the elite.

Bio Esther Ji: 3rd year student of Audiovisual Design at BAU, University Centre of Arts and Design in Barcelona. Her interest in creating new imaginaries began when she was a child, both in the mini-stories she wrote and in the illustrations and characters she transferred to paper. She has found in audiovisual design a tool to communicate this imagination and at the same time entertain with her own vision and voice.

"PLOCK" by Javier Bernardino Alonso (Spain)


Tagline: Animated series about the adventures of Plock, a 12-year-old boy who travels through a world of floating islands. On each island he will have to solve a crazy situation, all this with a lot of humour and friends.

Bio Javier Bernardino: He has been working in the animation and video game industry since 2005. He is currently art director on the animation series Superzoo by Sunnysideup Studio with millions of followers on Youtube. Previously he has worked in several video game companies such as Social Point doing animation and character design tasks in "Dragon City" and "Monster Legends" and in Crema Games as art director in the video games "Oh My Goat" and "Ridiculous Triathlon".

"THE ELEPHANT I FOUND UNDER MY SKIN" by Shaool Levy and Daniel Sweed (Israel)


Tagline: At the age of 25, Gali, for the first time in her life, faces the possibility of getting cancer, which draws her into a journey of self-consciousness and communication with her own body. During that journey, Gali reviews her life experiences and rediscovers her expectations, while being concerned about the difficulties her body presents.

Bio Shaool Levy: Animation director and independent content creator. B.A. in Animation. His graduation film has been screened in the Tel Aviv Museum of Arts, and sold to “Cellcom TV”, an Israeli screening company. He met Daniel Sweed, and together they teamed up to create "The Elephant I Found under my skin" to promote breast cancer awareness in an artistic film.

"THE IRON DRAGON" by Valentin Urziceanu. ABI-FUNDAȚIE (Rumanía) (Participante workshop: Adrian Băluță & Mirona Radu)


Tagline: A fishermen crew leaves on a short regular expedition. The ship’s captain is convinced that he will catch the biggest flying fish. Our heroes are lucky - they manage to catch a giant fish. But the fight also attracted the biggest water-worm. Not wanting to give up his prey, the captain fights the worm. Unsuccessfully. The ship is destroyed, but suddenly the crew is rescued by an iron dragon - a creature that until then was considered legendary.

Bio Adrian Baluta: He became acquainted with the world of animation film in 1992 when he started working as a 2D animator. He had the opportunity to work on titles such as “Tiny Toon Adventures - Toonenstein: Dare to Scare”, “Old Tom” TV series, or “Pablo the Little Red Fox”. After 2000, he kept up with technology and entered the field of 3D art and animated short films as a director. As a 3D animator, he works on projects such as “Assassin's Creed: Odyssey”, “Hyper Scape”, and “Star Wars: Hunters”. As a director, he debuted in 2004 with Dream Forest, an experimental film in which he learned 3D techniques.

"VIAJE AL BOSQUE OLVIDADO" by Noelia Mª Muíño González (Spain)


Tagline: Paula is a girl who lives in a village in Galicia in the 1990s with her brother Pablo, who has Down's Syndrome. One day, a strange old man called Tubolcaín gives her an amulet that transports her to the Forgotten Forest, a place inhabited by magical creatures. Paula will help to save its inhabitants from their imminent disappearance, while finding the opportunity to rediscover her relationship with her brother.

Bio Noelia Mª Muíño: Scriptwriter, director, director of photography and producer of several short films with numerous selections and awards at festivals. She studied a Masters in 3D Animation at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) and later completed a Masters in Film Directing at New York University (NYU) after receiving the prestigious La Caixa scholarship. She worked as Layout Artist in companies such as Dneg VFX (Venom, Fast&Furious, Death on the Nile), Trixter (Tabaluga) and Lightbox (Tadeo Jones 2). Currently, Noelia works as a Layout Artist for Skydance Animation, regularly edits videos for The New York Times and has just co-directed her first TV movie for TVG.

"WAN" by Víctor Monigote. OTTOM IDEAS (Spain)


Tagline: After a frantic chase, three prehistoric hominids are confronted by an old man and his hyena dog. We will feel their fear of dying at the hands of the enemy, their impotence when facing a cave bear, the pain for the loss of a loved one and the anguish of seeing their end near, with the surprise of an unexpected outcome.

Bio Víctor Monigote: Animation director of "La Gallina Turuleca", together with Eduardo Gondell, winner of the Goya Award for Best Animated Film 2021 and Platinum Award 2021 for Best Latin American Animated Film. He has also been in charge of Art Direction, Character Design and Storyboard Supervisor on numerous feature films and animated and live-action series. In 2015 he was nominated for the Goya Award for Best Art Director for "Mortadelo y Filemón contra Jimmy El Cachondo".



He is a Director and CG artist working in the animation industry for more than 15 years for clients such as Disney, Ubisoft, Netflix, among many others. He studied Filmmaking at Palermo University, later on he did several animation courses such as Animation Mentor in 2010. He is the creator of the animated series “Tierra de Rufianes” and the director of the animated feature film “El Paraiso”. Today, he works as CG Supervisor at Reel Fx in Montreal. He recently released REBELS in partnership with Facebook Oculus, a VR narrative story all done entirely in Quill which had its world premiere in Tribeca Film Festival in 2021. He is an expert in using the Quill program to create characters and settings using virtual reality.


During the last year he has been CG Supervisor at, a studio to which he has been linked for five years, with three projects carried out, among them "The Windshield Wiper" and Watchdogs Legion "Tipping Point", both by Alberto Mielgo. He has also been CG Technical Supervisor for In Efecto, with the "Tara Duncan" series project, where he was part of the studio's pipeline design team. He is currently focused on the development and implementation of workflows with "realtime" in 2D and 3D animation, using immersive technology for previewing through the use of free software.


Character animator with 12 years of experience in Disney ("Tangled", "Zootopia" and "Moana", the latter two Oscar winners) currently works at Moon Studios as a cinematic animator. Daniel has worked in the animation industry as a traditional 2D and CGI animator in a variety of projects and locations around the world. Mentor of the professional online workshop Animsquad since 2017. Writer, director and creator of the virtual reality short film "The Remedy" (2019), created entirely with the virtual reality application "Quill".


He started working in the field of computer graphics in the mid-90s. Throughout his career he has been part of a wide variety of projects, although he ended up specializing in lighting for animated feature films. He has worked in internationally renowned companies such as Animal Logic, Pixar or Skydance Animation.


Arnaud Miquel

Arnaud Miquel is Head of Professional Meetings & General Public at CITIA and Coordinator of Annecy International Animated Film Festival’s XR program. After graduating, he worked as Head of Digital Business Development at the animation studio Millimages before being appointed Head of Film and Digital Media Department for the French Embassy in Indonesia. Upon his return to Paris, Arnaud joined Google's marketing teams in charge of YouTube B2B strategy. He moved to Annecy early 2018.

Carmen Córdoba

A Computer Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in the ICT sector, in January 2012 she decided to take a great professional leap and dedicate herself to what she truly loves: telling stories through animation. Her first animated short film “Roberto”, of which she is the screenwriter, director and producer, has already received more than 140 national and international awards and more than 320 selections, including 8 festivals that qualify for the Oscars. He currently directs and produces "Amarradas", a traditional animated short film with the support of the ICAA and the Community of Madrid, and which received the Movistar+ Award for the best short film project at Weird Market 2021. This project was one of the participants in the first edition of NextLab. At the same time, he is directing the traditional animated feature film “A World of Their Own”, currently in development and produced by Nico Matji from La fiesta P.C. The project has obtained a development grant from the Community of Madrid in 2021 and has been selected for Cartoon Movie 2022 (Bordeaux). Carmen has been included in Variety's 10 On the Rise Cineastes From Spain list, published in March 2021.


Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Seville (Spain). Mainly, his career has been linked to the audiovisual world and digital and technological content. After creating different television formats for channels such as AXN, FOX, Canal Satélite Digital (Canal C:), Canal + or Telecinco, he began working at TVE for the program Miradas 2, dealing with content on digital entertainment. Since 2006, he has directed the program Zoom Net (TVE), a weekly format that brings the world of technology, culture and digital art closer to viewers. During all these years, he has had the opportunity to interview some of the most important figures in digital creation, technology and video games. In addition, he has carried out VR projects related to art and fashion.


A Canadian VR artist/animator and a founding member of the Virtual Animation community. He creates illustrative 3D art using the VR painting software Quill and has worked with many clients including Facebook, Nickelodeon, TEDtalks, Baobab (‘Namoo’, short film shortlisted for the 2022 Oscars), and Studio Syro (‘Tales from Soda Island’, a series made entirely in Quill). His work has helped pioneer the field of VR art and storytelling and he shares his knowledge through his YouTube channel “Animbrush Academy.”


Director and Executive Producer of The Frank Barton Company. She has been doing 3D animation since she was 19 years old, when she coincided in 1991 almost by chance (he wanted to do a research project on virtual reality) with colleagues from the Complutense University who were part of TIPO, a Computer Image Workshop whose members occupied very excited a small room in the Faculty of Information Sciences. After a couple of animation shorts in the faculty workshop, Pepe Jordana gave her her first job opportunity. She worked as a 3D operator until 1998, when she joined the Sphere team as a producer. After a 4-year adventure in the United States, where she worked as a professor in the New Media Department at the University of Hawaii, she returned to Spain to continue working as a Visual Effects Producer at El Ranchito. Some credits from this period were “Alatriste” with Viggo Mortensen, “The Ghosts of Goya”, directed by Milos Forman, or “Che El Argentino” and “Guerrilla” by Steven Soderbergh, her last production in 2008 before founding The Frank Barton Company.

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