Next Lab is an initiative that connects art and technology in the animation and digital content industry. It is based on a workshop, an event and an online platform with the following objectives:

· Encourage the use of disruptive technologies for audiovisual production.
· Discovery and support of talent.
· Strengthen the business fabric and digital entrepreneurship.
· Generate young, highly qualified and quality employment.
· Creation of new business and job niches.

Phase I (October 2020 – 2021) takes place in Madrid and focuses on the use of VR, XR and AR tools together with the use of video game rendering engines for the prototyping and production of animation and VFX. In addition to the workshop, the event and the platform, online conferences are organized and research articles are published.

The Community of Madrid, through the Department of Culture and Tourism, will be the main sponsor of this first phase in order to discover new talent and promote the most advanced animation production from a technical and narrative point of view.

Annecy MIFA, Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market (France) will be one of the main collaborators and the best projects of the workshop will not only have accreditation to the largest festival and animation market in the world but will also be presented during its 2021 edition.

Through our website and social networks we create a meeting point for the sector by creating a community around this initiative. The focus is on the latest and news of the sector, online conferences as well as the publication of papers and research reports that are useful for the entire community.

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