It is now possible to acquire an accreditation to attend the Next Lab 2022 event, whose second edition will close on February 25th and 26th at Talent Garden Madrid with two days of conferences, project pitches and networking. The event, which will be a meeting point for professionals at the forefront of the use of new technologies in animation production, has the main sponsorship of the Community of Madrid, the sponsorship of Creative Europe MEDIA, DeAPlaneta Entertainment and the General Directorate of Cultural Industries, Intellectual Property and Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Accreditations are available on Eventbrite until February 17th at 11:59 p.m., and they cost three euros plus administration fees. The cost of this tickets will go entirely to the NGO Banco de Alimentos del Barrio (BAB). Due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 crisis, capacity will be limited and the event will comply with all established security measures.

On February 25th, the conference “The new digital ecosystem for the creation of IPS” will be presented by Diego Ibáñez, Chief Brand Officer of DeAPlaneta Entertainment. The support of the company, a leader in international entertainment, is one of the great novelties of this second edition. The future of the entertainment industry is already marked by new immersive entertainment technologies and, most notably, by Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. New IPs will have to exist in a continuous digital space, which offers enormous possibilities for storytelling and audiovisual creation.

The day will continue with the round table "The future of audiovisual. Disruptive technologies that are changing the sector”, led by Marcos Fajardo, Oscar Award and Engineering Emmy Award for creating Arnold software, used in productions such as " The Queen's Gambit", "The Mandalorian" and "Dune”, and Víctor M. Feliz, External Consultant at Epic Games and CEO & Lead Developer at Motiva. In it, we will analyze and try to glimpse the changes that are already underway and those that will come. New ways of creating, machine learning, AI, and new ways of designing content and identifying new audiences.

Next, it will be the turn of the conference “What happens after Next Lab? Success stories". We will have the presence of two of the winning projects of the 2021 edition (“Protocol Flambé” by Rubén Fernández and “Going Down” by Joaquín Martínez, who will tell us about their experiences and how their way of working has changed, what projects they are developing and what new opportunities the methodology learned in the workshop has opened for them.

The last conference of the day will be given by Nick Ladd, Canadian VR artist, jury of this edition and one of the most anticipated speakers. During the conference "Masters of VR Animation: Nick Ladd” we will learn about his most recent work as well as the group of which he is founder, Virtual Animation, the largest online community focused on the production of animation in VR.

On Saturday, February 26th, the day will begin with the pitch of the finalist projects of the Next Lab workshop, where we will see the final result of having worked exclusively with Quill and Unreal in the last weeks. The jury, which will be present at the pitch, will decide the 2 winning projects that will be presented at Annecy 2022. This activity can also be followed live on the Next Lab YouTube channel.

After the pitch of the projects, Daniel M. Lara, Goya Award winner for best animated short film for "Alike" and creator of the Pepe School Land animation school, will give the Master Class "New tools for storyboarding and animatics". He’ll perform a live demo on new tools that make the storyboard and animatic process much richer, more creative, more efficient and better connected with the rest of the production phases. Afterwards, he will be accompanied by great professionals who will share their experiences with us, such as Enrique Gato, director and animator who has won seven Goya awards and creator of the character Tadeo Jones; or Daniel Martín Peixe, a character animator with 12 years of experience at Disney ("Tangled", "Zootopia" and "Moana", the latter two Oscar winners) who currently works at Moon Studios as a cinematic animator.

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